What is D2C Marketing?

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In BTL marketing and retail there are different models through which products can be offered to customers.

Perhaps the one we are very familiar with. 

Is the scheme in which a producer markets their items through a distributor (such as a retailer, for the customer to purchase).

However, there are other modalities that have gained some popularity, such as D2C.

The definition of which we will present to you in the following lines.

As well as the way in which it usually works.


The direct-to-consumer model, also known as D2C by its initials.

Is one in which producers market their products directly to customers, without the need for an intermediary.

Either through a seller.

A site Own website or own point of sale.

A great example of the D2C model is catalog sales, for example, Avon or Mary Kay.

Companies that market their products through a force sales.

Who regularly go to where the potential customer.

In order to show them the items that are available and persuade you to purchase at least one.

Although perhaps the example of catalog sales is one of the most popular of this type.

The truth is that exclusive Apple stores also operate under the D2C scheme.

Since the technology company sells its items through its own point of sale.

However, this modality of direct sale to the consumer can also be carried out digitally, through a website.

In this digital space, the brand can distribute its articles on its own.

So it does not have to pay to place its products on a shelf.

They do not have to invest in a physical space as is.

Is great strategy that complemented with B2B and B2C.

Can to form all one structure capable of lead to any company to achieve the gol in the market.

The article was written  by Merkadmon.

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