What is Mindful Marketing?

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One of the marketing trends that is taking the most force in 2020 is mindfulConscious marketing or marketing.

This technique can be defined as, the basic human capacity.

Consist to be in the present and remind ourselves to be in the present.

In other words, constantly return to the here and now.

We must recognize that mindful marketing serves to identify what moves us to work with the honesty of ourselves.

The processes behind mindful marketing

This trend promotes a return to human processes where the person and their needs are placed at the center of everything.

We emphasize the marketing phrase of “customer comes first” or “what the customer says.”

 However, many times a plan or strategy is not defined that must be oriented in this key concept.

Currently, brands have the obligation to adapt to trends, this reminds us that communications are no longer one-way.

But that marketing is focused on consumers, listening to their audience and meeting their demands.

What are the keys to conscious marketing?

Consumers today have high expectations of brands, especially the younger generations.

Mindful marketing is one of the trends in digital marketing that has key strategies for 2020.

Especially for its young audience since they can create empathy with their needs.

This concept strongly promotes the idea that consumers are on the side of those who fight for ethical causes.

To develop a good mindful marketing strategy it is necessary to take into account the following five keys:

– Not only the symptoms of the problems are solved.

But the causes are attacked in order to be able to face them more effectively.

– Marketing focuses on the customer’s intentions, that is, on what they intend to do, and not on their habits.

– It uses both collective and individual emotional intelligence and is not only based on a rational vision of things.

– Understand that there are different perspectives and disagreements.

– The benefits are not only directed to the shareholders of the companies.

But there is a benefit in all the parties that are involved.

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