What is ATL Marketing?

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Have you ever wondered what is ATL Marketing?

Simple, through Advertising Above The Line or ATL (on the line).

This is the one used by mass conventional advertising media, and which aims to reach an extremely wide audience.

It is not a low cost strategy for companies.

But it is an excellent way to achieve broad and fast coverage to promote products and services.

It is an excellent strategy that you should use if you want to position or build your brand. 

It will work best for you if your target audience is large.

What does it consist of?

They are poorly segmented advertising activities.

The main objective of ATL marketing is to create branding and inform consumers about the products.

In a striking way, so that it manages to break in and stay in the mind of the greatest potential consumer possible.

Although its costs cannot be calculated, it has2 Excellent Advantages: It

  1. manages to generate a large audience.

When you achieve the desired success, it is easier for the advertiser to know what the wishes of his target audience are.

  • Great clarity to convey the message you want.

This with the intention that the audience handle the product like them, massifying it.

Sometimes it can also have some Disadvantages:

  • The exposure time is short, but very saturated.
  • The audience has the ability to choose to see your advertising by continuously changing the television channel.
  • Feedback is not generated immediately, due to the de-personification of consumers with the brand.

So the measurement of the results takes a bit longer in time.

  • And mainly the high cost of this type of advertising due to market rates. 

The more diffusion you want to reach, the higher the cost.

ATL campaigns are very good at making it easier for advertisers, you … to create brand awareness.

. By the users, which greatly enhances its position in the market

This type of promotional campaign allows any company be known widely through:

commercials on television or film, for example, often get connected quickly with consumers. 

Most of us prefer images with audio and movements, than other formats like only audio or text.

And if the ad is good enough, it will achieve very good engagement.

So it will probably get shared on social media too.

The use of Radio is still an excellent option, especially if you want your message to be repeated frequently.

Well, even if it’s just audio, they can be very creative and original.

Generating a very good local, national and even international reach, and also its price is much more accessible.

Magazines and newspapers can help you reach a much more defined audience.

And of course on the internet you can also do it, through direct marketing.

Through banners on web pages and various types of mobile advertising.

There are other means like billboards.

Like those huge ones that you see in your urban landscape or in the air (through advertisements hanging on airships or planes).

And in many other ways.

As the purpose of this strategy is to achieve as many impacts as possible.

You must be careful with the type of advertising you share, since its content will reach all kinds of people.

Not just the specific group you want.

But it will also be seen by children, the elderly, adolescents and different ethnic and religious groups.

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