Have you ever wondered what is ATL Marketing? Simple, through Advertising Above The Line or ATL (on the line). This is the one used by mass conventional advertising media, and which aims to reach an extremely wide audience. It is not a low cost strategy for companies. But it is an excellent way to achieve broad and fast coverage to promote products and services. It is an excellent strategy that

The problem with marketing is the marketers.  I can say this because I am one. In fact, I am apparently the “boss” of marketing, whatever that means.  As marketers, we often make the mistake of thinking too much like a marketer.  Not enough like a business owner.  We end up paying attention to the wrong things: website visitors, impressions, webinar attendees, etc. The problem is, these marketing metrics – while


One of the marketing trends that is taking the most force in 2020 is mindfulConscious marketing or marketing. This technique can be defined as, the basic human capacity. Consist to be in the present and remind ourselves to be in the present. In other words, constantly return to the here and now. We must recognize that mindful marketing serves to identify what moves us to work with the honesty of

What happens when you close your eyes and think about a brand? Does a sound come to your mind? Few brand projects have a strong identity as part of their overall strategy. With virtual assistants, podcasts, and apps on the rise. We need to think about how we want our brand to sound or speak. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We can say a word in

Marketing BTL

The acronym BTLis commonly used in articles about advertising, in blogs to refer to certain types of advertising campaigns. Yet it is a term unknown to many people. What does it refer to? The BTL or Below The Line (literally “under the line”). Is an advertising technique in which he uses non-mass communication practices. Marketingfocused on very specific market segments or niches. So, it has a lot to do with


In BTL marketing and retail there are different models through which products can be offered to customers. Perhaps the one we are very familiar with.  Is the scheme in which a producer markets their items through a distributor (such as a retailer, for the customer to purchase). However, there are other modalities that have gained some popularity, such as D2C. The definition of which we will present to you in


This question that we are going to develop here is vital when you decide to hire an SEO consultant to improve the positioning of your page. Many experts indicate that the SEO Consultant is necessary because it not only creates the necessary strategies for positioning.  Also carries out a control function. What is an SEO expert? He is the professional who establishes the strategy to achieve the positioning of a


Also known as Business-to-consumer for that reason its initials B2C, it refers to the commercial activity between a business and an individual consumer. While this applies to any type of direct-to-consumer sales business, it has been associated with online sales, also known as e-commerce. E-commerce took off significantly in the late 1990s, with the Christmas shopping season of 1998 identified as the first “Christmas e-tail”. That year, Amazon surpassed 1


B2B Marketing is one that is based on sales between companies, rather than sales between companies and customers. It brings together all that market that takes place between companies. Which sell their services and products to others so that they, in turn, can bring something to their customers. It is this definition that really makes the term B2B refer to Business to Business. Its counterpart is B2C marketing, which is